Reading My Body is My Business

Miss Matthews and Clara are the the creations of Melissa Todd. Miss Matthews can be found on Twitter at Miss Matthews Melissa’s book about Clara is called “My Body is My Business” and it is available from I couldnt resist the purchase and promised not to read it till I had finished my own story inspired by by imagining of Miss Matthews. in which I portrayed her remonstrating; artfully, with another wilful young man. You can read that story here….

I was delighted to receive a copy of Melissa’s book before Christmas. Now in the new year, I am resting my well thumbed copy and reflecting on my expectations prior to reading the book against the person the book has uncovered.

Miss Matthews is someone whose picture I have seen over many years online in spanking sites. I must confess, I have imagined her dealing with an errant Susie. Unlike me, Melissa has not hidden who she is from family, friends and the wider world. As Susie, I am comfortable with my kink but the person behind Susie is only truly known to her partner.

It is fair to say that I had imagined Miss Miss Matthews living in comfort and style in an elegant Georgian town house and observing the polite rituals of attending evensong in an oxbridge community. And its also reasonable to note that Clara, the character described by Melissa is a much tougher and unrestrained individual than the genteel one I had imagined. Clara had to live on her wits to find a space to live in and pursue her profession within the adult industry.

Clara demonstrates tenacity and determination to be someone who makes money from her kink in a world where starting with little makes life tough. Clara fell out of a university that wasn’t “geared up for working class kids” and begins to work as a stripper. She later becomes a model, an actress and a dominatrix.

Melissa’s book is a romp of a read. I enjoyed the way she took on the men who she collides with through the chapters. Melissa is tolerant, to a degree, of our weaknesses but is happy to point them out.

After stripping, Clara finds modelling for Janus, a magazine I enjoyed very much when I was younger and then realises she can make a living as a dominatrix. In this role, Clara has the power to ‘comfort’ men as their needs are met. Clara points out “we all love to dress up” and say’s that its easier to role play with a client than with a lover.

In the final chapter, Clara is photographed by someone who “saw something in her she didn’t want to seeing”. Susie sees something in herself she is happy for some people to see as long as they don’t know the person that keeps Susie hidden. Melissa has Miss Matthews and Clara confidently portrayed through Twitter and in My Body is My Business. I am inspired by that confidence and should perhaps pass some of it to Susie.

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