A Sniffing Sissy Surrenders

My girlfriend, Sarah, knows I’m a little pervert.

Last week, she came home to find me sniffing her panties, my hand around my stiff, leaking cock, close to orgasm as I inhaled the musky intensity in the gusset of her pretty pink and white silk and lace knickers. 

“You little pervert,” she hissed. “What the fuck can I do with you?”

As she stormed out of the room, I sat stunned, the panties still in my sticky fingers. She walked away while I was mesmerised by the sight of her bottom, clad in tight denim jeans and her round, firm, heart shaped cheeks.

Silence between us descended until, later that evening, she spoke.

“I’ve called Mimi. And James. You know you’re always texting James with your pathetic little fantasies, well they think it’s time you pleased them both. It’s time you had a taste of what you think you want.”

“What do you mean?” I whimpered. “What will I have to do?”

Sarah stared at me, her arms crossed, she scowled, making me wait, and hesitated before explaining. “James is going to fuck your sissy arse and Mimi is going to have you as her little sissy bitch.”

“Ummm, no,” I spluttered.

James opened the door in a dressing gown. He barely spoke as I crossed the threshold. Slamming the door, he gestured with a wave of his hand towards the living room.

Curled up on the sofa was Mimi, dressed in a figure hugging black dress, her long red hair tumbled over her shoulders. Smiling, menacingly, she pierced me with her emerald eyes. Mimi looked so beautiful but I sensed her intent to take revenge, to humiliate and to punish. I had often admired her but my sordid little fantasies about being dominated by Mimi had not included being forced to endure a fucking by her husband.

Pointing her finger at me, stabbing the air, Mimi began to speak. “Get upstairs, change into the outfit on the bed and wait for us, on your knees,” she hissed.

Obediently, I turned on my heels and made my way upstairs. I entered their large, white walled, bedroom, before me was an iron bed frame, complete with head and foot posts, covered in perfectly white, cotton linen. On the bed was a silly, black and white, silk maid’s dress and a complete set of black lace underwear including stockings and suspenders. Without hesitation, I dressed. Climbing onto the bed, I knelt on all fours, my head facing towards James and Mimi’s pillows. My knicker clad bottom was barely hidden by the short silk skirt and my stocking tops were clearly visible.

Mimi walked slowly into the room, staring, towering over me in her patent leather heels. Held between her hands was a long brown riding crop. As she walked, she flexed its length between her palms and then, with a crack, the tip of the crop sliced across my upturned rump. I yelled as it cut into my cheeks.

“How was that little bitch? Do you need some more?” She laughed. “I think we need to see how obedient you can be, don’t we you little pantie sniffer?” Mimi and James laughed as I whimpered my reply.

“Yes Mimi.”

“It’s yes Mistress.” The crop cracked across my cheeks again and I found myself buckling with pain.

“Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress,” I gabbled.

Mimi threw the crop onto the bed and turned to James. Without words, she lifted her arms and James began to undress her. Watching them both, I was honoured to witness the revealing of her beautiful body. I drank in each moment of her uncovering. Despite my predicament, I found myself beginning to moisten in my own panties as I took in her legs, clad in black stockings, her thighs, long and full, dissected by the tiniest of black lace thongs and her full breasts, decorated by a beautifully embroidered black bra.

“Stand up sissy,” ordered Mimi.

Doing as I was told, James helped Mimi onto the bed, unfastened his jeans and knelt between her open legs. Pulling her thong to one side, without any fuss or foreplay, he slid his huge cock into her already wet cunt and began to pound her deep and hard. Squelching with her arousal, her cunt welcomed the fucking. Her eyes closed as she gave herself to sex and the pleasure of being watched by a helpless cuckold.

Groaning, James came. Mimi shouted, “Yes, yes, fill me, fill me,” while his spunk warmed the walls of her clenching, spasming cunt.

Lovingly and with intensity, the two of them kissed, arms entwined as I stood, helplessly, fumbling with my sissy clit, nestling uselessly in panties.

As Mimi and James recovered from their orgasms, Mimi turned her face and cast me another of her wicked smirks. “Now then little slut, its time we made your dirty, depraved little dreams come true! I want you on your knees between my thighs and I want you to clean every last drop of cum from my cunt.”

Obeying, I knelt in my stockings and slutty maid’s dress between Mimi’s long, stockinged legs and lowered my chin to her shaved pubic mound. Extending my tongue, I caught the first whiff of his semen and gagged.

“Get on with it you pathetic little sissy,” she demanded impatiently.

His cum was leaking from her puffy pink lips. There was so much of it. Desperately, I began to lick, around her sweet but soured lips. In my mouth, his foul, salty spunk began to coat my tongue and I just had to swallow or be gagged. Gulping, the first globs of his muck hit the back of my throat and I coughed.

“Deeper you little shit, get your tongue right inside me,” Mimi ordered.

Probing inside of her, my tongue and nose were occasionally treated to her sweet tang of juices, only to be assaulted again by the taste of his salty mess.Submitting to my task, I did my best to lick out all of that thick, warm cum. Behind me, James began to nudge his hardening penis against the seat of my panties. Yanking them down with his meaty hands, he pushed his leaking shaft towards my tight hole. Spitting into my arse crack, his saliva began to pool around my pucker and then, without hesitation, he pushed his thick, veined monster against my sphincter.

“Arghh,” I yelled as the head of his cock popped though my tight ring and I felt the shaft of his cock begin to plunge inside of me. Although I have played with dildos and been fucked with a strap-on, I had always been too afraid to take a real cock in me.

“Fuck his arse James,” Mimi screamed as my tongue continued to lick her cunt.

James warmed to the task and his cock in my rear had me nailed to the bed. Pounding, his fearsome penis plugged me. I could feel the head of his cock pushing against my prostate and I knew I was dripping pre-cum onto their bed linen.

Mimi grabbed her phone and held it up to my face, there in-front of me, was my girlfriend. She smirked as James began to groan.

James yelled, “Yes, yes, yes,” as his cum exploded into my anus.

My tight arse was being filled with jets of hot sticky cum as his cock spasmed deep inside. Ceasing my oral duties, I lifted my head to see Sarah, on the phone, laughing at me.

When his cock plopped out of my hole, slapping my arse, James whispered into my ear, “You dirty bitch!”

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