A Life on the Ocean Waves

“All aboard!” Came the hail from the hearty lungs of the skipper of the good ship HMS Fair Maid.

Susie tottered, in ridiculous heels, up the gang plank of the fetishists cruise liner, clinging with her polished, crimson nails to the cold, chain rail.

Susie, or Richard as his friends at work knew him had been ordered to arrive port side for the evening sailing after making it through the Zoom interview with Captain Roger McBligh and able sea-woman Dilan, his pleasing Purser. Oh the ordeal he’d been through! Made to parade on camera like a puppet for their pleasure in Susie’s finest maid uniform. But, given the requirements of the role; First Maid of the poop deck, of course Susie had to prove that she could pass muster.

Safely aboard, Susie made her way to steerage and tapped nervously on the Pursers door. Promptly , appearing at the door was the divine Able Sea-woman; Purser Delaney. Susie found herself saluting, without a moments thought.

The pretty Purser winked and smiled, her blond locks tipping out from beneath a white peaked cap. “Aye Aye Sailor!” She laughed.

Susie had reported in her Matelot fatigues, as issued by the Quarter Master. In her short white A-line skirt, white sailors smock, elegant white stockings and a pork pie white hat, she looked ship shape and Bristol fashion. Purser Delaney checked Susie’s name on the clipboard she clutched in her pretty hands before making her way down a long white corridor, beckoning Susie to follow. The pursers white heels tapped against the hard floor as the throb of distant generators and engines rippled through Susie’s obedient ears.

Stoping at a cabin door, the purser turned to face Susie, grinning as her cheeks and cherubic chin revealed their pleasure in Susie’s predicament. “Here we are Sailor,” she chuckled. “Have your bed made and report to Muster stations at 1800 hours for inspection shipmate!” she barked. Leaving Susie to make herself at home in the spartan cabin, the pert Purser left, slamming the heavy, white steel door behind her. Susie unpacked her maid uniform, dressed, attending carefully to positioning long dark curly wig and her finessing her make up.

Reporting to Muster station one, on the aft deck, Susie lined up join her fellow seaman.

Captain Roger McBligh, a solid salty old sea dog with white whiskers arrived, flanked by his perfect Purser and his master-at-arms, Master Bates. A hushed silence descended on the assembled party of new recruits as the Captain began to survey the assembled sailors. Dressed in white deck shoes, white socks and shorts and a white silver buttoned jacket, the captain’s portly features spoke of a man who knew how to live a life of plenty. He cut a dash, his beaming cheeks rising and falling as he began to address his crew.

“Now then, me hearties, we set sail in just under an hour, after our guests have boarded and we have the pleasure of welcoming them at a rather splendid cocktail party this evening at 0800 hours. I’m sure I needn’t remind you that our customers are expecting silver service and their every whim and fancy indulged. So, I will be watching you all carefully and trusting that I’ve no need to put any stick about. But, rest assured, I’m all about equal measures of carrot and stick. So about your business sailors, chop, chop! Saluting his crew, a stamp of his foot, hard down on to the deck sent all scurrying.

Susie was to attend to the serving of drinks on the Captain’s poop deck so she made her way to the bar and presented herself to Purser Delaney and Master Bates. Standing in front of a long, oak dining table at the end of the candle lit long open saloon, the two senior crew members were dressed for an evening’s entertainment. The pretty Purser’s curvaceous body was now transformed, dazzlingly attired in a short, tightly fitting black dress and a white silk apron. Atop her head, resting on the crown of her tied up hair was a crisp, white lace headpiece. Master Bates stood close by in a tuxedo and a white bow tie, his arms crossed as he assessed his new recruit.

“So this is Susie is it?” he nudged the purser and winked at her as he eyed the nervous newcomer. “Well Sailor, our guests are about to arrive and I suggest you get busy with the fizzy! Our guests will expect champagne and canopies on arrival so, take your pretty bottom over to the bar and fetch a tray of glasses,” he ordered. Susie did as she was told and shuffled, with ungainly steps, marred by her inexperience in such high heels, towards the bar. A wolf whistle came from behind her; as her black, silk maid’s dress floated over the tops of her black stockings and the creamy white flesh of her thighs.

Picking up a silver tray, loaded with glasses of bubbling champagne, Susie did her best to make her way across the poop deck without spilling the expensive beverages. On those heels, avoiding any splashes of liquid on to her clean, white silk bib, was no mean feat.

Piped music filled the air as the guests began to arrive. Susie attempted her best curtsy as each one took a glass from her tray. In no time at all, the saloon was full of all manner of glamorous and beautiful men and women. Susie found the winks, from some of the men, just a little unsettling. She found herself, modestly lowering her chin as leering eyes descended on her legs. Amidst the hub hub of the room, suddenly, the music stopped and double oak doors behind the long table opened. Making his entrance, dressed in a handsome dinner suit was the indomitable Captain McBligh. He stood, glass in hand, to raise a toast.

“Well land lovers, what a fine sight you all are to be sure. I would like to raise a toast to you all and wish you an evening of pleasure!”

“Hear, Hear!” came the reply as the guests raised their glasses.

“Now, without any further a due, I’d like to introduce you to tonight’s cabaret! Susie! There’s a good girl, come here!” The gruff Captain gestured towards the table as he swept cutlery and napkins aside to clear a Susie sized space. Susie’s face fell, her features a picture of shock and resignation. Placing her, near, empty tray of drinks on a nearby table, she made her way toward the top table.

Purser Delaney and Master Bates galloped to meet Susie at the table. Clutching her bare arms, they pushed the poor sissy maid down so that her tummy was against the table. Master Bates grabbed Susie’s skirt, lifting it to expose her vaguely concealed, feminine bottom. All that stood between Susie’s naked bottom and the crowd of guests was a sheer, black lace thong. From beneath the table, the pretty Purser picked a long, black switch and passed it from her delicate fingers to the waiting Captain.

“Now, let the Dog see the Rabbit,” the Captain chuffed as he made his way round the table as the gawping crowd muttered excitedly. One or two men had begun to fiddle, discretely, with their cocks as the scene began to unfold. “I do believe our maid is ready for a thrashing! What, What!” he chirped. Nodding, vigorously, Master Bates and Purser Delaney nodded and gestured their hands towards the waiting throng. “Oh Yes Sir!” piped the purser. As the Captain assumed his stance, the two crew members moved to hold down their shipmate. The Captain raised the switch above his right shoulder before slashing it down across the seat of Susie’s panties. Poor Susie yelped as the long wooden whip bit into her rump. Her rearing bottom rolled as she settled back against the white tablecloth.

“Thank you Captain,” she squealed.

After a dozen rapid strokes, the Captain paused. “I think we need those flimsy knickers out of the way Purser,” he exclaimed.

“Aye Aye Captain!” The Purser obediently replied, with a nautical wink, before fingering Susie’s pretty black panties down over her, now, well thrashed, red behind. A collective gasp left the mouths of the awe struck guests, as cool air found Susie’s upturned cheeks. Flexing his arm, sending the switch through the air, the Captain prepared to return to his work.

Six more strokes landed, appearing as parallel lines across Susie’s bottom, each stroke followed by the appearance of a neat, red swelling wheal and a cry from the sissy’s mouth of “Owe, thank you Captain”.

Abruptly, the Captain laid down the switch and stood aside, clasping his hands behind his portly frame, he turned to address the ensemble. “Now then me hearties, I’d like Susie to give you a little taste of the lengths we go to to offer service here aboard the Fair Maid and by way of demonstration, the good Purser and our Master of Arms will show you all what I mean,” clapping his hands, the Captain turned to his crew members.

Taking Susie by the arms, Purser Delaney and Master Bates, turned Susie over so that her back was across the table, her body supported and her legs up in the air with her red, bare bottom facing the guests. Yanking Susie’s panties from her ankles, Master Bates left Susie with nothing more than the protection of her short black dress. Susie was bared and exposed. Her silly little penis on show, shaven and cold, her smooth girly, welted bottom, free for all to see above her black stockings.

Unbuttoning his black dress trousers, Master Bates revealed his burgeoning, long, thick penis and moved to stand between Susie’s upturned legs. Purser Delaney hitched up the skirt of her fine dress to reveal a black silk thong. Tugging it from her bottom, the delicate fabric was lowered to her ankles before she stepped out of them. She threw the thong to the baying crowd. Feverishly men were sent, scrabbling, to catch the delicious garment.

The pretty Purser clambered onto the table, lifting her skirt and straddling the hapless maid, she lowered her deliciously scented, wet cunt towards Susie’s rouged face. Grinding her bare pubic mound against the sissy’s lips, the Purser began to groan as Susie’s lips and tongue swept across her pink, puffy labial folds and the slick, wet slit of her vulva.

Susie was leaking; the sticky pre-cum oozed down towards the puckered hole of her tight anus. Master Bates began to roll the tip of his moist, circumcised cock against the orifice, occasionally thrusting to test Susie’s resistance. Moaning, the Purser threw back her head as she rode a wave of pleasure and without any further delay, Master Bates pushed his fearsome prick inside of Susie’s tight hole.

Susie yelled as the thing stretched her cavity to its limits. Many evenings had been spent at home, playing with toys in her bottom, but this was her first taste of a real cock. Oh, the indignity of it all! Susie was beside herself with submissive bliss.

On this maiden voyage, a maiden’s bottom was being de-flowered. Glasses were being drained and refilled and the guests clapped and cheered at the unfolding spectacle.

Master Bates shafting was reaching its climax and Susie’s bottom was clenching and spasming around the throbbing member when suddenly, the mucky Mariner groaned with pleasure. Susie felt a pulse of warm, thick fluid shoot deep inside of her passage, the throbbing cock now bathed in warm spunk squelched as it continued to fuck her arse. Then suddenly, the seaman slopped his wet cock out of her rogered hole. Susie’s sphincter twitched as a rivulet of cum oozed from her hole and down in to the crack of her, still, upturned rump.

The pleasured Purser groaned as Susie’s teasing tongue brought the saucy Sailor to another intense wave of orgasmic pleasure. Dilan closed her eyes, licking her lips, her hands on her breasts, teasing her own nipples through the fabric of her dress.

A round of applause filled the room as the performance piqued. Men and women, drew closer, throbbing cocks thrust from their taught trousers were pushed against nearby partners bodies as the hypnotic spectacle’s magnificent finale unfolded.

Captain Roger McBligh raised a glass, despite Susie still lying spent, Master Bates tugging up his trousers and the Purser, on her back, her eyes wide, her body reeling in delirious pleasure, the Captain began to speak. “I raise a glass to you all, may your voyage be filled with pleasure. May your desires be sated and your every whim fulfilled. My crew and I wish you a Bon Voyage”.

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