Court Out

Images reproduced with the authority of the wonderful Miss Iceni

Poor Richard; inexcusably caught out and now, up before for the judge; Richard had been caught with his trousers down and his sweet, pale satin panties being spanked by an older gentleman in the toilets at a party organised by none other than Miss Iceni. Miss Iceni, with all due propriety, had wasted no time in convening her very own ‘kangaroo court’ and, make no mistake, summary justice would be seen to prevail.

Friday morning at 10.00 sharp, Richard was in the dock, presented, almost naked save for the afore mentioned silky panties, before the Honourable Justice of the Peace, Miss Iceni. There at the bench was Richard’s defendant, Sophie Sharp QC and presenting the case for the prosecution, was none other than his nemesis, the Most Honourable Dilan Delaney QC.

“All rise for the judge,” came the cry and the members of the jury, twelve good men and true, hastily marshalled from the great and good of Miss Iceni’s good company of fetish friends, rose as, resplendent in ermine and silk, her Ladyship swept into the court.

The utterly honourable Miss Iceni sat herself, regally, on the green leather chair and peered out towards the court over her glasses and gave her opening address, “You may all be seated, except of course for the accused who stands here before me today, charged with the most heinous of crimes, namely, that he did wilfully expose his bottom at a party convened, I might add, at my own expense for the purpose of casual social discourse and that he wilfully accepted a spanking from my esteemed guest, Mr Mortimore! How do you plead?”

Richard lifted his head to mutter his reply; “Guilty your Ladyship.”

Miss Iceni glared at him, “I am glad you have had the good sense not to contest the charges against you but I am duty bound to hear the case from the prosecution and your defence before we proceed to sentencing.”

Shaking her head Miss Iceni looked out across the courtroom towards the council for prosecution, the very beautiful and Honourable, Miss Dilan Delaney QC. Standing at her bench, Miss Delaney, clutched her robes with her hands as she eyed the accused.

“Miss Delaney, please proceed with your opening case”, Miss Iceni bellowed.

“Of course, your worship. I would like to take you back to the night in Question…”Dilan began.

Richard found himself beginning to harden in his panties as he watched the pretty young barrister, her blond hair spilling out beneath her wig, warming to her presentation. From her pert lips, the whole mucky affair would be relayed and the court fell silent as the torrid affair was explicitly recounted. Dilan described the moments, that had led to Richard’s discovery and exposure, with zeal that bordered on pleasure. Her voice filled the air of the courtroom with confidence and an attack that left Richard feeling there would be little sympathy from Miss Iceni for his predicament.

“You see your worship, it’s quite beyond doubt that Richard blatantly sought to use your party for his own nefarious ends, namely that he would get his end quite royally reddened by Mr Mortimore. He was caught red cheeked by one of your more honourable guests and I beseech the court to recognise the deplorable liberty he has taken…” Miss Delaney tapped her papers loudly against the bench and brusquely sat her pretty bottom back into her seat.

“Quite, quite,” Miss Iceni shook her head with resignation as the courtroom took in the significance of the prosecutions case. “Now to the defence, though for the life of me I am blessed if any mitigation might be found by the most wise of councils!”

Sophie Sharp rose to her feet and began her defence, “Your honour, I can only say that my client has pleaded his guilt and is quite remorseful. He has expressed his sincere regret that he chose to take advantage of your hospitality and pleads for leniency.”

Frowning, Miss Iceni began to to cough and splutter, “Leniency be dammed, I didn’t get where I am today by being soft! I will deal with this matter as I see fit. I have heard quite enough. I will ask the jury to retire but I am quite sure that they will conclude that the defendant’s plea should stand and that he is indeed guilty. Court adjourned!” She shrieked.

Ten minutes later, the jury filed back into the courtroom and the young, beautiful usher, Miss Amelia Johnson, addressed the jury. “How do you find the accused. Be he guilty or not guilty?”

“Guilty,” came the reply.

Their were chuckles from around the court as the verdict was heard and Miss Iceni banged her gabble against her desk. “Order, order!” She cried, her full red lips furiously giving breath to the admonishment, waving a warning finger, “I’ll have less of that it my courtroom!”

“Now, I always believe the punishment should fit the crime and as the defendant saw fit to hide his predilections from me, sneaking off, like a grubby pervert to a place, out of sight to have his disgusting needs met, I am sentencing him to a very public birching, here today in this courtroom. Take him down!” Waving her right hand in the air, she jabbed an accusatory finger towards the felon before pointing in the direction of the birching frame.

Richard had found himself responding to the determined remonstrations of Miss Iceni. He had watched her scowling face grow increasingly flushed with anger and something in her demeanour, something in her elegant authoritarian glamour had roused him further. Something within his panties had begun to leak.

Robbed from his aroused trance, Richard found himself being grabbed at both arms by Miss Iceni’s Men at Arms. Two burly thugs were pulling him down from the dock towards the punishment platform. Assuring the court a ringside view, the antique birching frame had been positioned on top of a raised deck. Manhandling the reprobate into the support of the upright frame, the Men at Arms lashed Richards wrists and ankles to the rose coloured wood, securing him firmly with the heavy leather straps.

The court was silent as Miss Iceni swept from her seat towards the punishment block. Ascending the platform, the good judge plucked a rod of tied birch twigs from the outstretched arms of a blushing, beautiful young court usher.

“Well young man, I think we can dispense with those silly little knickers!” Miss Iceni grasped the waistband of his panties and tugged them down to reveal Richard’s feminine bottom. Richard’s cheeks were, for a moment, quite cold. Of course, that wouldn’t last!

Miss Iceni took the birch up over her shoulder, grasping its thick handle firmly, before, with all of her strength, bringing the sharp ended birch twigs across his naked bottom. Richard yelled as the sting of wood, bit into the flesh of his naked cheeks. Almost immediately, the court was treated to the sight of a rash of red lines across his bottom.

The birching came hard to Richard. It was his first experience of an instrument he had often been curious about. The pain was intense but the experience of being punished and humiliated by someone he had long admired was quite without precedent. The pain was beginning to trip his endorphins into overdrive and he found himself wanting give every part of his body and mind to the venerable judge.

His cries filled the courtroom as every lash of the birch rod bit into his bottom. Our good Judge revelled in her position and each strike from of the rod was placed to ensure the most thorough of coverage of the miscreants bottom. Richards wrists and ankles strained agains the tight leather cuffs as each blow landed. Richard’s bottom and upper thighs were seared, sore, inflamed and swollen by the stinging blows of the twigs.

Miss Iceni delivered the last of twenty four heavy lashes and As the last blow sank home, Richard’s head sank as his senses reeled. His body was spent. The Judge had made her mark.

Miss Iceni turned to face the court, her arms crossed in-front of her white blouse. She began to speak to the hushed, mesmerised jury and judiciary. “I am quite satisfied that justice has been done. I suggest to you all that Richard is watched most carefully in future and I encourage you all to be on your guard. This case is now closed.” Miss Iceni swept out of the court room leaving the court in awe of her presence and power and hungry for more summary justice.

Poor Richard, free of his tethers, stood naked, his hands covering his modesty. His chin sank to his chest. Raising his eyes momentarily, he saw Dilan smile at him, a smirk that made Richard feel so deeply humiliated. Together Miss Iceni and Dilan had been his undoing.

2 thoughts on “Court Out

  1. Hello, thank you for sharing such a wonderfully and colorfully written short story. Having met Miss Iceni (online) it was wonderful to imagine her in this role as judge. That was such fun to read and just like Richard in the story it did quite keep my interest! I enjoyed reading your story. I shall watch for future writings of yours. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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