Being Susie

Susie is part of me and when I write fiction, it is often derived from being her. Here is an example….

Susie sits on her hands, her pale thighs clamped, securely, together as she bites her lip and cranes her slender neck towards the window.

“Caught playing”

The words reel around her head as her senses swim. She had played so many times but never, ever been caught. In all her years, 24 and counting, Susie had never, at home, at university or anywhere, been caught playing.

Now, House Maid, Susie had been caught and she didn’t know why she was allowing herself to be scolded, humiliated and threatened with punishment, not a warning or a dismissal but corporal punishment at the hands of her employer, Ms Summers.

Susie waits until she hears the sound of tyres in gravel then jumps to her feet. She tugs the hem of her skirt down and walks towards the wall, stopping as her button nose touches the cold plaster.

She hears the words, ringing in her head.

“Hands on your head and feet together, breasts pushed out and legs straight”.

Ms. Summers had given her instructions, so much detail, she could barley absorb it all. This, as she stood now, was how she would present herself and be ready for punishment. Exactly as she had been told; hands on head, nose against the wall, breasts pushed forward, uniform immaculately presented, and on and on! How Ms Summers had gone on. She’d seemed to take pleasure in her words as they slipped through her pursed lips, slowly and precisely, gravely and huskily.

Susie had time to think. Her last thoughts, before the door closed, heavily behind someone were, why? Why had she accepted this bizarre fate? Damp now, as she recalled her employer standing over her as she’d led in bed, legs bent and open, with her finger poised on her clit, now against the wall, Susie was, finally, accepting her want.

Heels on the floor behind her stopped all thoughts and Susie gulped.

“Ah, Sophie. Look at you! Such a push over! I didn’t think you had it in you”!

Laughing, Ms. Summers made for the cupboard. Sophie could hear the squeak of a heavy hinge and the rattle of wood.

Then, heels on the floor and a hand on her shoulder, the tap of wood on the floor and the feel of breath in her ear, Susie gasped, gulping in air, her body tensing.

“Take a step back and put you hands on the wall. Open your legs”

Taps, flicks across her rump as Ms Summers measures her first, targeting blows. Sophie winces, anticipating the severity of the onslaught. Sophie had never been caned.

“I am going to punish you Sophie”, Ms. Summers warns.

Then, the swish of wood through air and down the cane comes on to poor Sophie’s upturned clothed bottom. Sophie reels, her chin flies up and her hips almost buckle, as the cut of the cane into her flesh. Again, again, again, the cane lands. As her head rolls from side to side, Sophie gasps and gulps for air between strokes.

“So, you play with yourself you little tart”! Ms. Summers scolded. “I think you need to show me just how you play! Now!”

Susie took one hand away from the wall, and placed her two middle fingers against her dripping, swollen labia, beneath her frilly knickers, beneath her hitched up, short, black skirt.

“Knickers off now Susie”! She ordered.

Susie stepped back from the wall and did as she was told. Taking her fingers inside of the waistband of her delicate black panties,she began to ease them down her creamy, long, full thighs till they dropped to her ankles.

“Step out of them and hand them to me”, she barked.

Holding them to her delicate nose, Ms. Summers sniffs the gusset and touches the fabric.

“Damp knickers”, she chides. “Susie, does the thought of being punished excite you? Does it make that little fanny of yours wet?”

Susie’s cheeks flush. Her head lowers and she grips her hands tightly, her body flinching as though anticipating some assault.

“Yesss, Misss”, she whimpered.

“Tut tut”, she replies as her patent black high heels began to pace the floor. Tap, tap, stilettos keeping time as Susie waits.

Arms crossed, now Miss Summers circles her prey.

“Hands on your head girl”, she snarls.

Susie obeys, instantly moving her clenched hands to their bidden position.

Moving slowly, to the corner of the room, Miss summers picks up a high backed oak chair and draws it to the centre of the room. She stands, arms crossed by its sides.

“Susie, I want your here, bare bottomed, on this chair, with your legs open”, she points to the chair as Susie cranes her head to listen.

Susie tiptoes across the floor to the chair and lowers her pretty bottom and dripping cunt onto the chair. Anxious to avoid wet patches on the tartan upholstery of the chair cushion, Susie clasps her cunt with her delicate fingers. Susie’s sweet honey runs on to her glossy pink nails. Susie blushes, her chin lowers, her pulse runs faster, her eyes roll under her long lashes.

Ms Summers opens the drawer of an large, stained oak dresser. From it, she brings an enormous, silver vibrating wand. The lead and plug bounce across the floor as Miss walks towards Susie.

“Take your hands away and open your legs you little Madam”, she commands.

Now, plugged in, the wand hums, the sound fills Susie’s ears and Ms Summers hand forces Susie’s left thigh further over, the wand is shoved hard towards her aching, wet snatch.

Oh, my god, Susie’s heart punches at her breast, her legs tremble, her buttocks clench, her juices run warm, leaking over the head of the wand.

“Cum you little bitch”, she commands, “Cum for Mistress”.

Susie feels the ache build. Her body spasms, the walls of her vagina swell and throb, her muscles clench and suddenly, her head is on fire, her heart is pounding, her body shudders.

“I’ve cum Mistress, I’ve cum”

The wand is dropped, Susie’s head rolls and Miss Summers draws her head close to her cool breast. Holding her, she kisses Susie’s forehead and whispers into ear.

“Your mine, all mine”.


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