To be a virgin

While born to be submissive, to feel a longing to be under his or her control, one or two virtues lie intact.

Are my prudish virtues, in-fact, my undoing? To this day, I have not been fucked by a man and I have not given my mouth to the service of a cock.

Fear of infection, a distaste for the anticipated feel and taste of a cock together with a desire to protect the subtle boundaries of my masculinity have held me back.

Now, I begin to question my use as a submissive. Surely, my own wants should be secondary and discarded if I am to submit completely. This reticence stops me being of interest to a dominant who can take limited pleasure from my service.

Now, I am tempted to throw those taboos aside and demonstrate my capacity to be truly obedient, subservient and useful.

My masculinity should be surrendered, willingly and with grace, to one or many who are my betters.


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