Too long, too long. He returns to lust and flirtation.

Summer simmers and he becomes quiet within himself again. 

Last night, I broke my silence and words tumbled from my mind into online flirts, my lust open and raw, my hand drawn to epxress my own desire and need, I came alone.

What brought me back was chance, being alone, freedom. In its power over me, the urge to flirt, when the chance arises, is all consuming. That freedom brings about its own trap and I fall into it everytime. Constructive social discourse or productive activity are pushed to one side and I enter the world of my lust. 

Recently, I’ve been living with someone and had little time for myself. On finding that time, I face an unfulfilled self and now, on reflection, I draw closer to realising what I am ignoring.

Can you guess? 

#frustation #desire #lust 


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