Submission to who?

Desperately, in the confines of, what might be a borderline relationship, between vanilla and fetish, I have assumed that my partner can not fulfil the desire I have to submit and sought to satisfy that desire, with her knowledge, elsewhere. 

Aware of her concerns, I have limited myself to online contact with male dominants.  We have discussed her watching me being dominated but I’m frightened that it will feel awkward. 

Now, I’m wondering whether I can show her how to dominate me. Again, I am unsure about how that will feel.

It’s time to bite the bullet and be brave. I have been frustrated for too long! 


4 thoughts on “Submission to who?

    1. Hi Katya,
      It can be hard to get this right. I don’t feel too comfy with fostering something false with my partner by trying to change her behaviour. It may be better to accept that the dominance will be coming from elsewhere. She seems OK with this but I need to be sure that she’s not just allowing this for my sake. I want it to excite her too.


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