Watched in lace 

He sees me, for the first time. Through a window, across the street, he gazes and inspects.
Me, slim, tall, dark hair curling on a fairly fit body. Oh and that bottom, pert and almost feminine beneath the curve of my back, seems to crave his touch. 

Gasping, he swallows as he sees my cock. “He’s hard, the slut”!

 A beautiful bell at the end of a thick shaft. 

“Oh, he’s playing! The cheeky boy”!
My face; impish and my eyes and lips are narrow. At my feet a pair of black panties. He stares at them as I play.

If only, he thought, I could teach him a lesson! 

As I cum, spilling a warm white load onto my panties, my voyeur’s pulse quickens and his breathing becomes harder.

His playing boy softens and he sees me shuffle away. My bottom gently moving, as my ankles bound in panties, totter. All too soon, gone. 


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