A Fortnight of Adventures

Confidence grows, my feet take steps forwards as I shed my need for approval. Two weeks ago, I shared time with a couple. For them, I was exciting, for me, an enormous sense of privilege that I could share in their pleasure and be part of its cause.

Last week, for the first time, I attended a Social for Swingers. I have no doubt that the event has a role in reassuring the anxieties of those who practice freedom of sexual expression and my sense was that monogamous claims of sexual property and procession are potently challenged by the culture of those who swing.

My insecurities and anxieties in relation to my identity have been challenged by my adventures.

I am beginning to sense a wider realm of opportunities to interact with warm, loving adults, whose primary aims are not born of  material or emotional need.

Submissive self met an attractive submissive girl at the swingers event. She said, “What can two submissives do for one another”? My reply should be that my feet are not set in stone.

In fact, I am a ship on an ocean, I fish, unsure about what I will land or where and then storms arise, calm follows. I pilot my ship without the aid of a chart and strange, exciting lands are washed my way.



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