The appeal of sensuality

So, tonight, I walked into the utility room and hanging, there, were black lace knickers.

What is it about them that excites me?

Perhaps, its that knowledge of where they will be, what they will almost cover, almost reveal.

Silk, lace, they all feel so good against the skin, they all make contact with the body, both against the skin of the person wearing them and against his or her partner.

Someone once said I should be an underwear photographer. Hmm, yes, perhaps! I once photographed a beautiful woman whose face was covered, partially, in a black lace veil. I had seen a woman, when I when was young, at church, wear such a veil; a Mantilla. On meeting my model, who I adored, I saw her as someone who I could only hope to admire from a distance. Veiling her seemed, somehow to protect both us from my stare.

Now, lingerie protects the woman from her final revelation, she is made accessible only by the removing of those final vestiges, and the beauty of these garments draws us to remove, reveal and ravish.

A man is drawn to know how it feels to be a woman. If he is true to himself and her, he knows how it feels to reveal and submit. In his submission, he prepares himself for understanding hers.


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