Candid camera

I am writing this tale of self exposure and submissive escape, while listening to the soundtrack from my teenage years. Morrissey’s fatalism plays out via the vehicle of “Some Girls are Bigger than Others,” from my turntable as I remember the first time I made pornographic self portraits. Quite frankly, Morrissey could have written the… Continue reading Candid camera

For her pleasure

Days without Dilan left Richards feeling purposeless. Submission to her met a need he had had for so long. Even the last visit and his descent into forced bisexuality had not dampened his desire to serve her. After a week, and having come back from sub drop, Richard couldn’t wait to hear from her again.… Continue reading For her pleasure

Good morning pink knickers

So, here I am on my own for the first time in three weeks and my first instinct was to pop on this pair of pink, lace panties! Now sitting in them as I type, past the first flush of excitement and release from my male self, I can’t wait to share how this feels.… Continue reading Good morning pink knickers

New panties and memories of “borrowed panties”

Ohhh, I couldn’t resist these little cuties! I love their retro look. I was a teenager in the 1980s. Sadly, I lacked confidence in myself and the closest I got to panties like this was ‘borrowing’ a pair and wearing them. Feeling silk and lace next to my skin gave me a chance to feel… Continue reading New panties and memories of “borrowed panties”

Private Tuition

I have the privilege, Dearest reader – for those of you who have yet to be acquainted with this deviant creature; of introducing to Susie. Susie is the naughty, cross dressing, alter-ego of none other than your narrator, who in daily life, we shall refer to as Richard. Susie and I have spent many years… Continue reading Private Tuition

Making of a Maid

What makes for a good maid? Obedience, loyalty, punctually, impeccable deportment? Dilan began to scribble her thoughts onto a sheet of crisp white paper as she sat sipping tea on a Saturday afternoon. Dilan was becoming increasingly aware that Richard’s eagerness to spend time in her company and play out his own grubby little fantasies… Continue reading Making of a Maid