Good morning pink knickers

So, here I am on my own for the first time in three weeks and my first instinct was to pop on this pair of pink, lace panties! Now sitting in them as I type, past the first flush of excitement and release from my male self, I can’t wait to share how this feels.… Continue reading Good morning pink knickers

A punishment plugging

Being a flirt can get me into trouble. Having time during the day a little while back, I decided I’d spend a little time in these silky, white 80’s style panties. Never content with just wearing them, I sent my male kink friend the picture and of course, I had to make amends and confess… Continue reading A punishment plugging

A brand new friend

In the words of one of my teenage year hero’s Mr Lloyd Cole, “I do need a brand new friend”. And lo and behold, one has arrived in the fine form of a fellow submissive one very elegant and decedent Princess. Yesterday, his Mistress; Lady Lottie, decided that Princess should be made to send me… Continue reading A brand new friend

Temptation in absence

As I miss the attention of a dominant I find myself seeking diversions and being frustrated by their inevitable inadequacy. Before covid rocked this worlds fragile order, my partner was able to be my dominant. The life changes wrought by the pandemic affected our relationship to an extent that her mental health was harmed and… Continue reading Temptation in absence

Exhibitionism and cross dressing

I’m finding myself dressing for my own pleasure but also being mindful of how sharing pictures of myself adds to the pleasure of being ‘Suzie’. Of late, I’ve had more time at home alone and when I feel like escaping into my sexual identity and my personal sexual outlet, I find dressing up and sharing… Continue reading Exhibitionism and cross dressing

On your knees she said

“Shall I” she said? Holding out her bare hand towards his extended beckoning arms. “Step this way”, says he as he grips her fingers in his. She closes her eyes and takes a step forwards towards his naked body. His arms bend upwards taking her hands to his face as her clothed body meets his.… Continue reading On your knees she said

Cruising for a dominant

This poor hungry sub needs, sometimes so much, to be taken by the elastic of his panties and controlled. Loneliness and a lack of love again leave me escaping and seeking that thrill of being asked or told what to do. If I took the advice of a therapist, I would consider what triggers this… Continue reading Cruising for a dominant

Being Pretty #lingerie is for everyone

Being pretty and feeling feminine is something I treasure within the complexity of my identity. I’m 52 and I’ve lived as a man but always been uncomfortable with many of society’s traditional expectations of a male. Confirming to any masculine archetype was never something I felt inclined towards. In my daily life, I choose ambiguity.… Continue reading Being Pretty #lingerie is for everyone