Good morning pink knickers

So, here I am on my own for the first time in three weeks and my first instinct was to pop on this pair of pink, lace panties! Now sitting in them as I type, past the first flush of excitement and release from my male self, I can’t wait to share how this feels.… Continue reading Good morning pink knickers

Earning his stripes

In this 3rd part of a piece of fiction dedicated to the beautiful and beguiling Dilan, Richard returns, at her beckoning, to allow her to practice her caning technique. Richard ends up getting a little more than he bargained for as he is made to earn his stripes… Dilan has kindly given me permission to… Continue reading Earning his stripes

All the Fun of The Fair

This short piece of fiction was co-written with Vixen Lee who provided the inspiration and ideas. We have written together before and it was a pleasure to work with her on this piece. Lacey had so many days at home, caught without purpose, in between finishing University and heading out to begin a career in… Continue reading All the Fun of The Fair

Pretty in Pink

Richard Smith had fallen from grace. His despicable behaviour; attempting to steal Dilan’s panties from her home, had been revealed, exposed and ridiculed. Dilan had posted pictures of the hapless, hopeless thief on her Twitter account and Richard had spent many weeks praying that pictures of his spanked bottom wouldn’t be seen by family or… Continue reading Pretty in Pink

At the turn of the year

What has this year brought? This has been the strangest and most challenging of years. As this new year begins, I am reflecting on what the year has uncovered about who I am. My partner and I have been here together for four years and I have drifted between being open and honest about how… Continue reading At the turn of the year

The Dirty Thief

Richard had planned this discrete little raid, knowing that he, now, was in the very privileged position, of being able to visit Dilan. It was to a very personal raid. His thoughts were led by his own dirty little interests, interests that were now focussed on the very lovely and much younger, Dilan. Dilan had… Continue reading The Dirty Thief

Two dare to share and two are punished – A fantasy

Daring to share landed Kitty and I in a whole heap of trouble. Kitty and were destined to be made to pay for our indiscretion.  Kitty calls me Daisy but that that’s not my real name. I am a male who cross dresses and I am submissive. We have shared some of our intimate secrets,… Continue reading Two dare to share and two are punished – A fantasy

A punishment plugging

Being a flirt can get me into trouble. Having time during the day a little while back, I decided I’d spend a little time in these silky, white 80’s style panties. Never content with just wearing them, I sent my male kink friend the picture and of course, I had to make amends and confess… Continue reading A punishment plugging