Good morning pink knickers

So, here I am on my own for the first time in three weeks and my first instinct was to pop on this pair of pink, lace panties! Now sitting in them as I type, past the first flush of excitement and release from my male self, I can’t wait to share how this feels.… Continue reading Good morning pink knickers

Being Pretty #lingerie is for everyone

Being pretty and feeling feminine is something I treasure within the complexity of my identity. I’m 52 and I’ve lived as a man but always been uncomfortable with many of society’s traditional expectations of a male. Confirming to any masculine archetype was never something I felt inclined towards. In my daily life, I choose ambiguity.… Continue reading Being Pretty #lingerie is for everyone

A Penitents Prayer

So, the time has come to reflect and challenge my own assumptions and belief systems. From childhood to now, my relationship with the kinky stuff that has fascinated me has been a guilt laden, questioning yo-yo through denial and acceptance. A parent who led me through his bullying and attack left me prone to fear, anxiety and a need… Continue reading A Penitents Prayer

Touching for another and now, how I feel.

So I gave myself to another’s pleasure. Being told what to do was deeply escapist. The orders, instructions and encouragement to pleasure myself took me away from every one of those anxieties and external fears, yet now, I find power in writing and remaining in the present and the reality. It would be easy to… Continue reading Touching for another and now, how I feel.