Submission to who?

Desperately, in the confines of, what might be a borderline relationship, between vanilla and fetish, I have assumed that my partner can not fulfil the desire I have to submit and sought to satisfy that desire, with her knowledge, elsewhere.  Aware of her concerns, I have limited myself to online contact with male dominants.  We… Continue reading Submission to who?

The Caning Craving

Oh my soul, I feel such need, I am so desirous for a beating and that ritual that accompanies the act. Anticipating the presentation of myself to another and standing, waiting to be told to remove my trousers, anticipating the command to lower myself, literally and submissively, floods my body with lust. Wanting that slice of… Continue reading The Caning Craving

A Submissive’s Sacrifice or A Vanilla Love to Enrich?

The girl I love is vanilla. She is adorably sweet and affectionate. She trusts me as I trust her and we respect one another. Those submissive urges that consume me are, currently, denied or repressed and I feel incomplete without indulging those desires. Within this vanilla relationship, I have explained those needs and asked that I… Continue reading A Submissive’s Sacrifice or A Vanilla Love to Enrich?