Reading My Body is My Business

Miss Matthews and Clara are the the creations of Melissa Todd. Miss Matthews can be found on Twitter at Miss Matthews Melissa’s book about Clara is called “My Body is My Business” and it is available from I couldnt resist the purchase and promised not to read it till I had finished my… Continue reading Reading My Body is My Business

After Being Mucky

I promised I would update you about what happened after “being mucky”. Well, now I can tell you, I was caned. Mistress likes to give me a series of rapid strokes across my bottom. Her approach leaves me with no time to regain my composure or for the pain to subsided and as she doesn’t… Continue reading After Being Mucky

Being Mucky

Today, I found myself sulking. Mistress has her own priorities but sometimes I find I need her more than she is able to manage. Being at large and without anything constructive to do, I decided that I needed some Susie time. I didn’t realise how exciting I would find this after a month of being… Continue reading Being Mucky

In ‘Witch’… ‘Sew in Sew’ Susie warms for a winter of devilish deviance.

Susie needs a skirt. It’s getting colder and Susie is feeling hotter as she becomes less of an imp and more of a devil but sadly, like any girl without a penny to her name, Susie has to make do and mend, work and make good and find her feet again after a hard year.

Candid camera

I am writing this tale of self exposure and submissive escape, while listening to the soundtrack from my teenage years. Morrissey’s fatalism plays out via the vehicle of “Some Girls are Bigger than Others,” from my turntable as I remember the first time I made pornographic self portraits. Quite frankly, Morrissey could have written the… Continue reading Candid camera

For her pleasure

Days without Dilan left Richards feeling purposeless. Submission to her met a need he had had for so long. Even the last visit and his descent into forced bisexuality had not dampened his desire to serve her. After a week, and having come back from sub drop, Richard couldn’t wait to hear from her again.… Continue reading For her pleasure

Good morning pink knickers

So, here I am on my own for the first time in three weeks and my first instinct was to pop on this pair of pink, lace panties! Now sitting in them as I type, past the first flush of excitement and release from my male self, I can’t wait to share how this feels.… Continue reading Good morning pink knickers

Fact or Fantasy

It’s been such a while since I last wrote. I have just not felt like writing and only now am I beginning to regain some interest. I am unsure whether to write about something that has actually happened or whether to create some more fiction? I hope to have something to post very soon.. let… Continue reading Fact or Fantasy