Progress and plans

I’ve made a start on making what was a bit of a self reassurance blog into something more purposeful. It matters less now whether it’s seen although I hope it might be of interest and help to others. I’ve started using pages and a menu where chapters can be pulled up. This weekend, I’ve written… Continue reading Progress and plans

To end and begin again

I’m ready to write in different ways and I’m going to sign off here soon. Keeping my struggles alive here feels counter-productive. For all of you, who have taken interest and encouraged me, I thank you sincerely. There are a few people who have encouraged me greatly and helped me to accept and love who… Continue reading To end and begin again

Christmas Day and Hey… It’s wonderful

Christmas wishes go out all of the dishes and dreamboats, all of the protagonists and mind expanding revealers of truth, you are gifts that are beyond compare. Thank you to all of those people here who have made 2019 rather special. I wish everyone the merriest of Christmas days and the most peaceful of holidays.

Spirit and sensuality

As a child, I was made to go to church. Sunday mornings were spent in a small Catholic church in the Somerset countryside. I’ve been wondering how much my experiences there have my identity. High church brings smells and bells. Sensuality, arguably, is stirred by those stimuli which we encounter. The plastic, elastic developing mind… Continue reading Spirit and sensuality